Sbm Indore - designer clothing for men designer clothing for men, Craig Nicholas Tate, whilst studying for a BA Honours in Fashion and Textile in London established Nicholas Deakins in 1991. An initial collection of only four styles was then made in England by W. J Brookes to exploit a niche in the market, and the brand quickly became a favourite of the clubs and terraces, earning a loyal and dedicated fashion savvy following. Over the past twenty five years, there has been further progression into key trends, whilst retaining core ideals and desirability. An unparalleled reputation has been based on innovative and original design, Read More as well as quality manufacture. This admirable reputation strives to maintain a loyal and dedicated following that has seen Nicholas Deakins grow into a global phenomenon, whilst retaining its roots and a dedicated flagship store situated in Leeds in England. Craig Nicholas Tate, who remains the dedicated managing and design director, has moulded the brand into several reputable, quality collections, which encompass various designs and accomplish a leading light in the world of men's footwear and clothing. Labels include; Nicholas Deakins Green Label, Clothing and Footwear, Deakins and Deakins kids. Tue, 08 Nov 2016 07:50:57 UTC en